A New Era for Digital Printing for Flexible Packaging

SCREEN has announced the launch of its TruePress PAC 830 F, a water-based Inkjet system for flexible packaging.

With over 75 years of manufacturing experience, SCREEN is well-positioned to introduce an innovative digital press that utilises the latest water-based inkjet technology. The TruePress PAC 830 F will become the flagship model of SCREEN’s flexible packaging division.

 Creativity and Value

The TruePress PAC 830 F has been designed to address the demand for shorter runs with lower production costs than conventional technologies such as gravure, flexo & offset.
Printers can offer their clients the opportunity to test their packing in the market, and even release limited-edition packaging or varied packaging for different markets. This richer, explorative brand experience for consumers has typically been inaccessible to smaller brands due to multiple setup costs and high minimums for print runs.

The TruePress PAC 830 F allows printers to expand the creative possibilities of product packaging, whilst keeping costs affordable for smaller brands.


Flexibility and Speed

Setup times are minimised thanks to uncomplicated operation procedures and increased automation, without the need for time-consuming plate changes. With minimal downtime between print runs, and the ability to run a variety of short and long print runs, the TruePress PAC 830 F is geared for flexibility and doesn’t require constant supervision, so operators can focus on multiple machines within the print shop.
The user interface has been also optimised for simplicity, allowing operators of all skill levels to work with the machine. This ease of operation is accompanied by speed, with fast turnarounds on print jobs that should attract new customers to this technology. The TruePress PAC 830 F prints at up to 75 meters per minute onto a maximum substrate width of 830mm at 1200DPI.

TruePress PAC 830 F

Comparison of conventional printing versus digital printing setup and run times.



With the increased demand for sustainable packaging in the food industry, the TruePress PAC 830 F minimises waste material and liquid, thanks to its efficient setup and the use of water-based inks. With this process-less and chemical-free approach, brands can more easily meet their sustainability goals.


Exceptional Quality

Full-colour consistency is delivered with exceptional resolution (1200 dpi). This is due to the use of proprietary wide-gamut ink and colour management technology that produces ultra-sharp, vibrant details on the packaging.
Over and above the standard CMYK printheads, the TruePress PAC 830 F features heavy white coverage and achieves a high opacity level on PET and BOPP substrates (up to 830mm width).


Advancing Your Print Shop

With the flexibility, speed and simplicity of the TruePress PAC 830 F, operability is immediately boosted upon installation, dramatically increasing productivity and maximising cost-savings.

For more information about SCREEN products, contact Gavin on 082 555 8805 or email gavin@thunderbolt.co.za.