AniCAM Upgrade to HD Series

anicam HD

Troika are offering upgrades to the AniCAM HD version

At the beginning of April, Troika Sytems Limited released the latest version of their inspection microscope. The AniCAM HD features some major updates to hardware, battery performance and software enhancements. Compared to previous versions of the AniCAM, the HD version offers the following improvements:

  • AniCAM HD LED light

    The AniCAM HD LED light provides user information feedback in real time.

    HD image sensor

  • Faster scanning speeds
  • PIXELOC technology
  • User feedback through an LED display
  • Prolonged battery life and faster battery charging
  • Battery power status indicator
  • A new lighting system
  • An enhanced ergonomic design

At Thunderbolt we are able to offer our AniCAM client an upgrade path which will bring their AniCAM up to date with the full functional specifications of the new HD series. This upgrade however, is only available to AniCAM v7.3 systems and not for older devices such as the v6 or v7.2 series.



During the procedure, the following components will be upgraded:

  • Fitting of PIXELOC system
  • New image sensor
  • New bigfoot lighting system
  • New user information feedback LED’s
  • New optical system
  • New drive mechanics
  • New battery system
  • New circuit boards

Benefits of the AniCAM upgrade include:

New image sensor: this provides 3 times the resolution of data, providing better imagery resolution and greater depth of view
New optical system: (mirrors, mounts and filters), using refined optical systems, provides increased image stability
New bigfoot lighting system: using higher power LED’s in the new bigfoot system, allows better illumination of cell geometry, increasing the detection of errors within the engraving, due to poor cleaning and wear/damage
New drive mechanics: increasing the resolution of the drive mechanics, allows for more precise location of the Z axis, allowing better interpretation of the cell geometries
New Battery system: having redesigned the battery and charging system of the AniCAM, allows faster charging and greater life, a charge indicator in the software allows users to know the current remaining battery life and when to recharge the system
New user information feedback LED’s: built-in user notification of AniCAM condition, readiness, calibration and error allows the user to know what is happening with their AniCAM at all times.
New circuit boards: onboard processing and data handling allows for faster scanning and the reduction in volume of data transmitted.
Fitting of PIXELOC system: the new PIXELOC provides the AniCAM with a precise 0.25um resolution in Z axis measurement, providing greater detail of cell geometry.


AniCAM HD LED light indicators


The upgrade requires the return of the user’s AniCAM to Thunderbolt, who will facilitate the return to Troika Systems and update you on the progress of the upgrade.

For more information on the AniCAM upgrade and pricing, please contact Jason on 082 321 0587 or email