Anilox Roller Audit: Why It’s Essential

Troika AniCAM

Maximising the Life of Your Anilox Rollers

An Anilox roller audit could potentially prolong the life of your roller and minimise replacement costs.

When it comes to Anilox rollers, quality usually equals better longevity. But if regular care and maintenance isn’t thoroughly done, the life of the roller may be shortened, and you could end up replacing rollers more regularly than you need to.
Then there’s the flipside of this issue – unnecessary replacement of rollers when troubleshooting issues falsely indicate that the roller is damaged when in actual fact the roller just needs a deep clean.

This is where Troika’s AniCAM 3D scanning microscope is invaluable in determining the true condition of the roller.
The AniCAM allows for in-depth inspection of the roller, promoting operational efficiency and ensuring consistent print quality.

The Anilox Roller Audit Procedure

When you book an Anilox roller audit, you’re guaranteed to get a true reflection of a roller’s condition on-site.

On arrival, our qualified Thunderbolt technician will set up the AniCAM 3D scanning microscope, and take a reading of each roller. The custom AniCAM software compares the reading with the original specification provided by the roller’s manufacturer and then outputs an in-depth report once the analysis is complete.

The AniCAM will be able to provide details about cell wall thickness, cell volume, cell wall opening, the ceramic surface condition and screen count. It also picks up issues such as plugging, wear and tear, or roller damage. We can then make recommendations accordingly, fully confident in the accuracy of our conclusions about the roller’s condition.

Another feature is the ability to do a pre and post-cleaning audit so that you can determine whether your rollers are being properly maintained by the cleaning products and equipment you’re using.

Since partnering with Troika, Thunderbolt has assisted many customers who were experiencing print problems with their rollers, and were considering replacing the roller. Often with these audits, we have found that the Anilox roller was merely dirty and needed a deep clean. So we were able to advise the customer on maintenance methods that would ensure long-term quality printing and would maximise the life of the roller.

With the current economic climate, minimising unnecessary spending is a priority, and so the AniCAM 3D scanning microscope offers clients the opportunity to maximise their budget and ensure that their rollers are maintained in a way that promotes longevity.

For more information on the AniCAM, or to book a roller audit, contact Jason on 082 321 0587 or email