Huaguang Flexo Plates

Ten years ago Thunderbolt acquired the agency rights for Huaguang plates in South Africa, and the brand has been one of our fastest-growing consumable brands since then.
Initially, we sold their Aluminium Printing Plates and then in 2014 we expanded our Huaguang product offerings to include their Analogue Flexo plates. This new product offering was well-received by our clients and saw great success in the wide web and corrugated markets. The following year we expanded even further, adding Huaguang’s Digital LAMS Plate to our portfolio.

Due to the affordability of Huaguang plates, some clients have questioned whether the plate quality is on par with other more well-known European brands.  Over the years, we’ve benchmarked the company’s products and we can confidently assure our clients that these plates are comparable to other brands. Thanks to Huaguang’s Research and Development department, the company continues to improve their current offerings as well as release innovative new products.
When comparing the quality and performance of Huaguang’s plates, they offer relatively swift back and main exposures, with fast processing times. The printing dots are stable and consistent, and the plates are compatible with UV, as well as solvent and water-based inks.

Observations from 3D scans show consistent dots, relief angles and dot shape.


The feedback from clients on Huaguang plates has consistently been positive, with many clients commenting on the longevity of the plates in comparison to other brands. Huaguang’s products continue to meet the same standards as other, more expensive plates, under the same applications. Orders for Huaguang plates have continued to grow as clients see the value that these plates offer for their business.

These images illustrate the dot consistency, dot support and uniformity across Huaguang plates.


At China Print Huaguang launched their much-anticipated Flat-Top Dot Digital Flexographics Plate. Known as DTF HD plates, the flat-top plates are available in 1.14mm and 1.70mm shore hardness versions. These plates are also compatible with UV, as well as solvent and water-based inks.
Tested worldwide (including in Africa), the DTF HD plates performed exceptionally well, with increased print consistency, less dot gain and longer plate life. In anticipation of this product’s popularity, we have placed our first order and will notify our clients when the DTF HD plates are available for purchase.

Plate analysis shows good characteristics of a flat-top dot plate, with smooth shoulders and consistency in the printing dots.


Huaguang’s DTF HD Plate is available in the above shore hardness’s.


In addition to the DTF HD Plate, Huaguang has launched a range of metal-based resin plates. This product range is compatible with most inks and is available in a variety of options.

Huaguang’s range of metal-based resin plates.


At Thunderbolt we have seen the value-add that Huaguang products present to our clients and we offer a trial service where our clients can put these plates to the test firsthand. We can also set up and optimise the plate manufacturing process on-site.

To arrange a product trial, or for more information on Huaguang plates, please contact Jason on 082 321 0587 or email