Lucky Huaguang’s Processless Plates

Processless Plate



 An Efficient Green CTP Alternative From Huaguang.

The issue of sustainability and environmental impact can no longer be ignored as companies are under increasing pressure to be accountable for their direct impact on the environment and the communities in which they operate. Certain areas within the printing industry have made significant progress towards minimising their impact on the environment, but there are many other areas in which printers need to look for greener alternatives – such as chemicals and processing. When it comes to computer-to-plate, traditionally this process is waste-intensive and the chemicals used are toxic and dangerous to the environment.

Huaguang’s TD-G Plus plates not only offer printers a more efficient and cost-effective CTP option, but they also reduce environmental impact and are therefore a viable option for printers looking to green their operations.


Huaguang’s Processless Thermal CTP Plate TD-G Plus, can be exposed and put directly onto the press, without any processing. This means that there is no need for any developers, dispersants, buffer agents, etc. So the need for harsh chemicals is negated, and printers can benefit from not having to worry about environmental waste from using the plates.


The lack of processing chemical use, offers printers a significant cost saving. Without the need for chemicals, the running costs of a print run are reduced not only due to the lack of processing chemicals but also in the time saved going straight from processing the plate, to plate installation.

Another element that adds to the TD-G Plus plate’s cost-effectiveness is its price point. Huaguang’s Processless Thermal CTP Plate comes in at a highly competitive price per plate, offering printers the added incentive of increasing ROI on print runs even further.

Stable Performance

With such significant cost savings, you might be wondering about quality. But the performance of these processless plates is comparable to mainstream processed plates. The dot reproduction is excellent and the TD-G Plus provides wide exposure latitude, good latent image and plate-making stability, as well as a good lifecycle for long print runs.

They’re capable of meeting all the requirements for commercial flat printing, as well as heat-set and cold-set type rotary presses, offset packaging, and can even be used in short-run UV printing. Their compatibility with almost all thermal CTP devices, is yet another feature that adds to their cost-effective appeal. No need for expensive proprietary equipment, just expose and prepare the plates for use in a print run.

Competitive Edge

Huaguang TD-G Plus plates offer printers an edge over their competitors; minimal operating costs allow printers to present competitive costings to their customers, whilst still maintaining a good profit margin on print jobs. Then there is the ‘green’ selling point. Environmentally-conscious operations are attractive to businesses and individuals, as the necessity to ‘green’ internal operations and the supply chain,  is on the rise.

Overall Huaguang’s Processless Thermal CTP Plate TD-G Plus are a sound choice for innovative printers.

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