Pressroom chemistry – DC DruckChemie and Thunderbolt – the right solution

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Pressroom chemistry – DC DruckChemie and Thunderbolt – the right solution

To say that the market for pressroom chemistry is flooded might be a bit too much of a pun, but the analogy is fair nonetheless. There are numerous suppliers all vying for market share. Quality is more involved than simply ensuring the chemistry does the job. It is for this reason that Gundela Penz, Export Manager from DC DruckChemie in Germany, visited South Africa recently to meet with the team at Thunderbolt Solutions.

The relationship between DC DruckChemie and Thunderbolt Solutions extends back over two years. Thunderbolt offers the extensive range of DC DruckChemie pressroom chemistry into the local market. Gundela came to South Africa to provide the staff at Thunderbolt with a refresher course on the products which the company manufactures. The product range from DC DruckChemie is extensive with more than 4000 individual solutions, many of which have been designed and formulated in close co-operation with OEM suppliers and also specific customers to meet definite requirements.


Founded in 1971, DC DruckChemie focuses on the manufacture and formulation of ecologically friendly printing chemistry. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Langley Holdings and supplies chemistry to customers around the world. Gundela specialises in working with distributors into specific markets with the aim of assisting more printers to find the right mix of chemistry including fountain, damping and washing solutions, as well as silicone for the heatset market and various other sundry items. Another area in which DC DruckChemie focuses is operator health and safety. All its products adhere to international safety standards ensuring that they do not negatively affect the people using them.

Stacey O’Hagan, DruckChemie Sales Consultant and Gundela Penz Export Manager of DruckChemie

Wayne Stevens sales director of Thunderbolt Solutions commented, ‘Our staff has learned about all the benefits which the products from DC DruckChemie bring to the market. Not only are these ranges of pressroom consumables the leaders in pressroom performance and ecological friendliness but they also make commercial and economical sense.’


Gundela added, ‘We are proud to have Thunderbolt as our partner in the Southern African market. It is clear that the focus of the people at Thunderbolt is the same as ours. We care about the wellbeing of the people who make their living in the printing industry and so does Thunderbolt. We are impressed with the professionalism of the people at Thunderbolt and their approach to the market and we look forward to continuing and developing this strong relationship.’

An important aspect of the service from DC DruckChemie is the ability to develop or expand on the capabilities of a particular product to make it more user-friendly or to give it enhanced capabilities. The R&D department works to ensure that its products are not only economically viable but also meet the specific needs of its customers.


Wayne concluded, ‘It is our philosophy at Thunderbolt Solutions to work with market-leading companies, those who manufacture and supply state-of-the-art products and solutions. We are very happy that DC DruckChemie is just such a company and we are confident of the quality of the products and with the support of DC DruckChemie we know we can offer the local printing industry the very best that is available on the market. We are very proud to be the sole agent in South Africa for the DC DruckChemie range of solutions and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.’


This article appears in The GAPP Magazine, Southern Africa,  Volume 7 Issue 4, 2017.