Primera PRO Saddle Stitcher from Muller Martini

Primera PRO

Müller Martini is synonymous with print finishing systems and saddle stitchers. It’s not surprising since the company’s founder, Hans Müller, unveiled the world’s first saddle stitcher that featured automatic signature feeders and a three-knife trimmer in 1954. The machine whipped the competition into shape, stitching 4000 copies per hour in comparison to the 1000 copies per hour that competitor’s machines were capable of handling at the time.

Last year, 66 years after Müller literally kicked the competition to the curb, Müller Martini is making waves with a saddle stitcher again. This time the company has focused on versatility and automation, with the Primera Pro launching late last year to rave reviews. This beast of a machine is sure to be a game-changer for operations of any size.

Hands-off approach

The Primera PRO’s three-knife trimmer has been completely redesigned and is now fully automated. This means that manual adjustment/setup is a thing of the past. Each of the trimmer’s front axes is capable of individual adjustment, without interfering with the other axes. The other advantage of this is the ability to quickly adjust the machine for new print jobs that require different formats.

In addition to the automation of the trimmer, the servo-driven feeders have been equipped with a signature recognition system. The range of stocks that can be efficiently fed through these servo-driven feeders is incredible and only adds to the versatility of this machine.

The Primera PRO runs at 14 000 copies per hour, and with the added bonus of short set-up times, it is the perfect machine for both short and long run work. So it is bound to increase your profitability.

Read more about the Primera PRO on Müller Martini’s website. We’d love to arrange an online demo of the new Primera PRO so give us a call and we’ll make it happen for you.