Prinova Saddle Stitcher – Maximising Efficiency

Muller Martini Prinova

The Most Efficient Saddle Stitcher.

Muller Martini’s Prinova replaces the Presto II and has a lot more to offer for medium and short-run finishing.

In October last year, Muller Martini unveiled the Prinova – their new saddle stitcher with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from finishing equipment in 2021.
When it comes to finishing equipment for short runs, there are a number of key features that are a priority: user-friendliness, flexibility, smart adaptability and efficiency. The Prinova is designed with these in mind, making it an ideal option for both short and medium runs – whether you’re using conventional printing methods, printing digitally, or looking to adapt to digital in the near future.

Here are some notable features of the Prinova:

  • Ultra-quick make-ready times.
    • The new user interface has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, so that operation of the Prinova is intuitive thanks to its context-based displays during the machine’s operation. All of the machine’s settings can be adjusted using Prinova’s touchscreen.
  • Single feeder servo-driven concept.
    • Muller Martini redeveloped the entire feeding station of the Prinova, creating a servo drive system with individual feeders. The machine can accommodate up to 14 individual tiltable feeders that are easy for a single employee to operate due to their loading height. This means that change over times are faster thanks to the feeder being used for different applications, like manual feeding or setting the optimal height for signatures.
  • Asir Pro Camera System.
    • This newly-developed system recognises and compares sections so that product errors are a thing of the past, even on short runs where similar products are being produced.
  • Adaptable runs.
    • The Prinova is a great allrounder and has been designed for both short and medium-sized runs. It can worth with your current equipment, and still be integrated into a digital setup.
  • Quick ROI.
    • With a capacity of 9 000 cycled per hour, the machine’s fast make-ready times and the adaptability of the feeders, the Prinova is a far more efficient machine than others in this performance class. This means that ROI happens far quicker, making it a worthwhile investment.

These features make the Prinova the best option for those running medium and short jobs, who also need to change over to another product run within a short time frame. It’s also a machine that doesn’t require many hands to operate it, which is ideal for our new health and safety normal.

If you’d like to know more about how the Prinova can increase your operational output and pay for itself within a short timeframe, contact Wayne on 071 891 4903 or email






    • 1. Ultra quick make ready times. 2. Single feeder servo driven concept. 3. New Asir Pro camera recognition system. Perfect for short to medium run jobs