SCREEN Launches PlateRite 4600N Series

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of production systems, SCREEN’s contribution to the prepress and printing industry is significant. The company continues to develop innovative products that streamline the printing process and offer cost-effective solutions to printers.

Improving on Success

SCREEN’s latest development is the PlateRite 4600N series of thermal CtP systems – an update to the highly popular PlateRite 4600 series that has an impressive track record. The new B2 format thermal CtP device is capable of imaging four A4 pages on the same plate, supporting a max plate size of 830 x 680mm and increasing the series’ compatibility with a wider range of presses. Featuring SCREEN’s well-known fibre optic laser diode, the series is cost-effective to maintain as it is capable of operating with fewer diodes in the event of a diode failure. This also ensures max uptime for printing companies, minimising print run disruptions.
The three model options range from 11 plates per hour (PPH) for the E model, 21 PPH for the S model and 33 PPH for the Z model. The E model features 16-channel imaging heads, the S model has 32-channel imaging heads and the Z model has 64-channel imaging heads.

Improved Operability

When it comes to automation, the PlateRite 4600N series improves operability and minimises operator workloads. All three models are compatible with SCREEN’s new single cassette autoloader, which can supply up to 100 plates in one cycle. In addition to this, the PlateRite 4600N series can also be connected to the MA-L4600 multi-cassette autoloader. This combined system is capable of fully automated and unattended operation of up to 500 plates, significantly improving productivity and operating ratios.
PlateRite operators can also manually feed individual plates into the bridge that connects the autoloader to the CtP system, making it easy to adjust or adapt production runs. Custom registration punching is available to meet a range of press register specifications.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Another feature of the PlateRite 4600N series is its support of various ‘green’ plates – such as process-less, chemical-free and waterless plates. The reduction in the use of developing liquid and the decrease in the production of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for general plate processing, increases the sustainability of daily operations and minimises the environmental impact of print companies.

In addition to waste reduction, PlateRite 4600N models minimise electricity consumption by switching to energy-saving mode when not in use. Operating power can be reduced by up to 51% and standby power by up to 46%, maximising the efficiency of the system and reducing overall operating costs.

Overall the PlateRite 4600N series is designed to boost productivity and allow print companies to streamline operations. For more information about SCREEN products, contact Gavin on 082 555 8805 or email