SCREEN’s Truepress SC Inks: an Ink Revolution

SCREEN’s Truepress SC Inks Will Transform Your Digital Production.

The continuous-feed colour inkjet market has continued to grow as printing companies have seen the distinct advantages that modern systems offer; high-resolution printing, increased productivity and cost-effective operations. For a long time, these systems were mostly used to print low coverage documents on uncoated paper, due to the fact that the water-based dyes and pigment inks weren’t compatible with coated matte, silk or glossy papers. The inks would struggle to adhere to the surface and be absorbed by the paper, resulting in a lot of blotchy print that would smudge really easy and/or take a while to dry.

As the use of continuous-feed systems grew, so did the options available to companies who were looking for a viable digital solution to printing brochures, catalogues, magazines and newspapers in large volumes. The lights-out production element was a massive draw-card for many, as was the workflow system that allowed for the input of white paper that resulted in full-colour outputs.

But the issue of ink absorption on coated paper continued to hinder the adoption of continuous-feed inkjet systems.

Paper Matters

The importance of paper in print quality cannot be overstated enough, especially when it comes to high-speed inkjet systems. Whilst it is possible to print on untreated paper, there is a significant difference in quality when printing on inkjet-treated paper. But this type of paper has historically been far more expensive, and so printers would need to weigh up the risks involved in using untreated paper at the cost of quality and a high reject rate, versus the convenience of using treated paper at a much higher price per sheet.
Then there is the issue of availability and storage – treated paper is not always readily available. When you do manage to source it, you need to store it separately from untreated paper to ensure that it is not accidentally used for a print run on a non-inkjet system.
And even though the price of inkjet treated paper is slowly decreasing, paper still accounts for the biggest cost in a print run and so it often dictates the profitability of a job.

Cue the Ink Revolution

In 2017 Screen launched a new generation of inks that allows for the printing on both coated and uncoated offset papers, without the need to apply a primer or bonding agent. This development offers the industry the potential for significant savings on consumables and power consumption.
These SC inks contain newly developed additives that ensure better absorption and adhesion when printing on commodity coated papers, allowing for companies to choose the paper to suit their print application and job budget. This makes for more efficient inventory management and cost-effective overall operations.
Then there is the added value of being able to offer clients a variety of paper textures for their print job – providing more options for creative expression and brand presentation.
Yet another feature of these inks is their wide colour gamut, which closely resembles offset colour. They are also more resistant to water, heat and light. So overall they offer incredible print quality for those looking for a digital solution that can hold its weight against offset printing.

Screen’s Truepress 520HD

Inspiring Innovation

The innovative SC inks have also resulted in new features being added to Screen’s TruePress Jet systems. One such development is the Near Infrared (NIR) Dryer for the Truepress Jet 520HD system, which assists in drying the ink on the paper, without drying the paper out. This not only expands the range of inkjet printing applications even further but also increases the productivity of jobs that include difficult to dry substrates.

Another feature of Screen’s Truepress Jet 520HD system is the printhead technology that is capable of placing 2 picolitre droplets with high precision at a resolution of 1200 dpi. This results in highly detailed visuals on any paper type, and allows for even more creative expression through print media.

True Transformation

The ability to use any paper with SC inks, opens up a world of options for printing companies. There are so many strategic advantages to using SC inks with Screen’s Truepress Jet systems: from high-speed, high-volume printing, to high-quality visuals at an affordable price.
So for those looking to maximise their digital printing output and minimise their costs without jeopardising quality, SC inks and Screen’s Truepress Jet printing systems are the best options on the market.

If you’d like to find out more about Screen’s high-speed inkjet printing systems, and their innovative SC inks, contact Gavin on 082 555 8805 or email