Step by Step Makes It Complete

Press Release

Step by Step Makes It Complete

After putting a Pantera perfect binder into operation, German media company Plump expanded its softcover segment into a complete line and increased both its volume and quality.

The modular design of the Muller Martini equipment was the ideal basis for the company, which is located in Rheinbreitbach, to take advantage of the “step-by-step” purchase option. After seeing an increase in the number of orders produced on the Pantera, which the company purchased in 2015, Managing Director Bernd Plump invested in a 3692 gathering machine with an Asir 3 in 2017, and this year he completed the softcover line with a Granit three-knife trimmer and an Uno compensating stacker. The increase in production quality helped the media company to strengthen its good reputation. In addition, productivity rose by at least 20 percent.

Thanks to the investment in a complete softcover line, Medienhaus Plump has increased its productivity by at least 20 percent.