Tech Sleeves Lightweight Sleeve

tech sleeves

Introducing the Tech Pro Light from Tech Sleeves


Thunderbolt Solutions is the local partner for Tech Sleeves, the sister company of AV Flexologic in the Netherlands. Tech Sleeves products are new to the South African market and offer printing companies a quality product at an affordable rate.

Tech Sleeve’s® Tech Pro Light is the latest innovation from the company that uses ground-breaking technology and an optimized build-up formula to reduce the weight of sleeves and bridges, whilst improving the overall toughness and durability. The Tech Pro Light range of sleeves and bridges uses a lightweight technology that was developed in conjunction with AV Flexologic.

The Tech Pro Light features:

  • UV-cured Derakane™ Vinyl Ester resin outer layer
  • Up to 40% lighter sleeve
  • Rubber sealed edges to prevent edge damage
  • Metal reinforced slot
tech pro light

Tech Pro Light, the new lightweight sleeve from Tech Sleeves


These new sleeves have excellent form stability and are resistant to high pressure. This means that they are not only durable and long-lasting, but they are also some of the lightest, stiffest and most stable sleeves on the market.

Tech Sleeve’s products are custom-built, and there are a variety of options to chose from to satisfy the production needs of Thunderbolt customers.

For more information on Tech Sleeves® sleeves and bridges, please contact Jason on 082 321 0587 or email