The Perfect Binder for the Job

Muller Martini is the pinnacle of finishing equipment manufacturers, propelling the industry forward through experience, innovation and quality. Not only do they produce top-quality hardcover, stitching and softcover equipment but the products produced using Muller Martini equipment are of the highest quality. This is achieved through years of research and development, as well as industry experience.

Muller Martini apply this know-how to the full range of their products. Should you be producing a book-of-one on Muller Martini’s Vareo binder or churning out millions of school books at 18,000 on the Publica Pro, the books being produced will be of the highest quality due to the various production methods applied.

When it comes to bookbinding, different format types require different spine and side pressing of the book block. Using the right binder for the job is essential in ensuring the high quality and durability of the bound product. Muller Martini’s unique symmetrical pressing process ensures that the book spine is angular and stable, no matter the paper or cover type. All four of their perfect binders use a symmetrical and synchronised process, from the high-performance Publica Pro, the medium-output KM 610M, the medium performance Alegro to the Vaero Pro’s digital production. No matter the print job, Muller Martini’s binders result in a quality product.

For full details on using the right binder for the job, read this article about Muller Martini’s spine and side pressing technology across their Perfect Binding Product range.