Troika Systems and Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability: Consumers now demand it.

How are Troika Systems, the UK manufacturer of the industry-leading AniCAM HD helping their customers?

Originally featured in Converter Magazine March 2021 edition.

Sustainability is now a buzz word and many brands are selecting their supplier upon the printer’s environmental criteria as well as the normal selection criteria, to satisfy the demands of their customers. Therefore, being sustainable and environmentally friendly adds value to your products. But it does present particular challenges to many printers who have not discovered the positive impact of make-ready waste reductions and been able to clearly convey this message to their customers.
With more stringent legislation due worldwide by 2025, many printers are desperately looking at how they can change and are directly looking to their suppliers to help them reach these targets, with more environmentally friendly substrates and inks.
Conscious development of new materials such as biodegradable adhesives and substates and water-based biomass inks is a fantastic advancement in the packaging industry and progressing at incredible speeds are more eco-friendly materials available on the market.
If your goal is to reduce your environmental impact by using recycled materials then there will ultimately be a cost implication. Recycled raw materials are still very expensive to produce and consumer demand will only help to push up these prices.
But one of the major issues for printers’ waste is still being overlooked. If the heart of your press is still running ineffectively with incorrect anilox volumes, poor engravings on cylinders or worn flexoplates, no amount of designer packaging will decrease the amount of waste substrate and ink still going into landfill.  By continuing to operate with poor practices it will be impossible to achieve the sustainability required by the Brands and their customers.
Troika Systems takes their role in environmental and sustainability seriously, with the removal of all traditional high power consuming products in our manufacturing process, including a move to 100% LED lighting, moving to a renewable energy supplier and using recycled materials in our packaging, Troika is keen to promote the reduction of our impact on the planet.
From the very beginning, Troika Systems were one of the very first companies to discuss waste savings, by optimising the press environment long before it had become a buzzword when such discussions were either misunderstood or completely ignored. Now more than ever is this absolutely vital.
With the global use of our award-winning AniCAM and range of QC applications, the newest of these being the HD launched this year. Since 2011 we estimate savings in excess of €3.1 billion to printers worldwide has been achieved.
This is a direct result of knowing anilox volumes, which in turn reduces the number of pulls on press made to achieve the correct density. Using our global models, we estimate to have saved 207,800,000 m2 of material being wasted.
We proactively work with our customers to reduce waste and ink and can evidence that with a typical saving to printers of up to 55% Ink waste reduction, 15% make ready waste savings and 5% increase productivity. All these measures will help you towards your sustainability goals.
The future is very positive for all of us and especially the industry as a whole.

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