The Updated Vareo Pro from Muller Martini

The Perfect Perfect Binder!!!!!

Muller Martini recently unveiled their newly updated and upgraded version of the very popular digital perfect binder…. the Vareo Pro.

This was a natural progression from the Vareo binder which was first seen at the 2015 Hunkeler Innovation Days expo in Lucerne – Switzerland. The Vareo binder proved to be a very successful seller for Muller Martini with Digital and Conventional printers adopting the technology. More than 180 of these binders were sold around the world in a very short time.

Recently Muller Martini launched the Vareo Pro and the technology has been beefed up even more.

The binder is aimed at the digital printing market and is meant to operate in the very competitive short-run bookbinding arena. It comfortably handles the book-of-one and easily and automatically moves between size format changes of A4 to A5, and the likes. These automatic format changes take place in under a minute and Digital Printers love the savings generated, the reduction of waste and ultimately the bottom-line gains.

The Vareo Pro can be supplied with Hotmelt or PUR glueing systems and if the trolley system is opted for, then the machine can be changed from PUR to Hotmelt by simply wheeling out the one and wheeling in the other. The new functions added to the glueing controls means that there is absolute control of the application of glue to the spine and sides of the book block.

The Vareo Pro can be supplied with an optional barcode system and format and book thickness measurement equipment, which means that the Vareo PRO can process book blocks with different block thicknesses and sizes fully automatically.

The Vareo Pro is able to be fully integrated into most MIS systems via the Muller Martini Connex workflow platform and job definition formats can be transferred seamlessly and from the machine. This ability is invaluable in the new digital print environment as the efficiencies are incredibly high and the cost benefits for the printer are enormous.

There are a few Vareo binders already in operation in South Africa and Thunderbolt is proud to be the long term partner of Muller Martini in Southern Africa. It’s just a matter of time before we place the first Vareo Pro so keep an eye out for further news!!

You can read more about the Vareo Pro on Muller Martini’s website.

For detailed information about Muller Martini’s range of equipment, email Wayne on or call our office on 011 657 7000.