Müller Martini Saddle Stitching

Müller Martini is a world leader and innovator in the area of Saddle Stitching and is constantly setting trends throughout the world. It has a comprehensive range of solutions starting with the Presto II (9000cph) all the way up to the Supra with top speeds of up to 30 000cph.

It also manufactures digital and hybrid stitching solutions to meet any of your specific production requirements.

Müller Martini Perfect Binding

Müller Martini is a global trendsetter in the PUR and Hotmelt Perfect Binding sector. Through its innovation and automation, Müller Martini is able to produce books of the highest quality with little to no wastage and with the quickest makereadies.

Müller Martini Hardcover

Müller Martini & Horauf’s modernisation of older systems means that not only are hardcover products of the highest quality being produced with ease, but it also allows for new products and markets to be developed due to the functionality and engineering excellence.

Müller Martini Bookbinding Systems GmbH

Kolbus perfect binders and booklines are produced at Muller Martini Bookbinding Systems GmbH in Rahden (Germany). At this facility, softcover and hardcover specialists dedicate themselves to developing new and enhanced customer-focused book production solutions. In doing so, they ensure that the machine expertise of Kolbus, which has been acquired by Muller Martini, is secured and developed further and that customers will continue to receive support and high service quality.

The highly automated softcover and hardcover systems cover all production steps – from gathering the signatures to stacking the completed books. The specialists in Rahden plan, assemble and sell both individual machines and complex inline equipment. They work together with customers to analyze their individual requirements and work out sensible solutions.

Customers can stop by the Blue Salon, the showroom for Muller Martini Bookbinding Systems GmbH in Rahden, where they can test the performance of the machines for themselves.

If you would like learn more about our softcover and hardcover solutions, please contact us.

Kolbus KM 610 perfect binder

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Kolbus KM 412 perfect binder

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Müller Martini Mailroom

Muller Martini’s Mailroom offerings cover all bases in the mailroom world, with complex Mailroom requirements such as zoning and regionalisation, plus the growing diversity of inserts or pre-printed sections. Muller Martini boasts a high level of quality, flexibility, and security. Our systems offer an excellent price-performance ratio as well as being modularly expandable to see you well into the future.


A leading manufacturer of modern die-cutting equipment to meet all die-cutting demands, Bograma offers Rotary and Flatbed die-cutters to meet all production requirements at prices that will allow you to replace your old die-cutting equipment.


Conveyors, stackers, feeders, boxing machines and palletisers form the basis of Solema’s focus. This equipment can be combined into complete solutions to create customised lines in order to increase reliability, productivity and safety in your production environment.


Roda is a manufacturer of heavyweight automatic die-cutting and reel handling equipment designed for accurate, high-speed production of solid fibre partitions, pads and strips directly from the reels. Roda also produces assembling lines for inserting and gluing of solid board and corrugated partitions for the packaging industry.


Horauf is known for its Casemakers and equipment for file and ring binder production. Horauf is also well-known for its paper packaging solutions and paper cup machines.


Manufacturer of quality systems dedicated to the newspaper, magazine, book and direct mail / fulfilment industries. This includes Bundle and Film wrapping, Inserting and Envelope Inserting lines, as well as other insertion system solutions.


Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. is a US manufacturer of reliable, high-quality print finishing equipment. The Kluge line of equipment includes platen and vertical style foil stamping, embossing and diecutting presses, multi-function and high-speed straight-line folding and gluing equipment, cutting systems and the TXR-800 and TXR-1100 Series automatic blank separator. All Kluge equipment comes with approved OSHA and ANSI guarding, installation, training and full warranty.

Photobook Technology

Photobook Technology (PBT) with its innovative machinery program provides solutions for economical, fully automatic production of digitally printed hardcover books in low quantities, for example Photobooks.

PBT equipment has been specifically developed to fill the void between semi-automatic devices and industrial book production solutions.

Photobook Technology manufactures casemakers, casing-in, joint forming and creasing and layflat book production machines for ultra-short runs of Photobooks and layflat books.