Printing Plates

Agfa Graphics’ extensive plate product offering has the solution to meet your specific platemaking requirements whether digital or analogue, visible light, UV, polyester, thermal, chemistry-free, direct-on-press. Agfa’s solutions are engineered to help you stay ahead.

Azura TE

Best-in-class direct-on-press chemistry-free thermal plate for sheet-fed commercial applications. Environmentally-friendly operations, quality and ease-of-use all in one. Based on Agfa Graphics’ proven and reliable ThermoFuseTM technology, Azura TE takes printing plate developments yet one step further with imaging off-press, and cleaning on-press. If you are looking for a way to dramatically reduce time to press, are concerned for the environment and want to deliver consistent results, then this best-in-class direct-on-press plate is the right solution for you. All you need to do is image, mount and print.

Azura TU

Designed for high-volume printing, simplified platemaking and uncompromising quality, Azura TU outperforms every other plate in its class. Its environmentally friendly, as chemicals are unnecessary and water consumption can be reduced by up to 95% compared to conventional prepress systems.

Energy Elite Pro

Energy Elite Pro is the next-generation no-bake thermal plate. It offers consistent printing quality, high productivity and lower chemistry consumption. And it combines all that with run lengths up to 400,000 copies – in aggressive environments (e.g. UV and metallic inks) up to 150,000 copies. For even longer runs, Energy Elite Pro can be baked.

Aluva P

Aluva P is a computer-to-conventional-plate (CtCP) imaging that offers you high quality, productivity and profitability.

This positive-working UV-sensitive plate is compatible with a wide range of processors from different manufacturers. This makes it a dependable ally for a wide range of applications in sheet-fed and web printing.


Agfa Graphics is the world’s leading manufacturer of films for the printing industry. This longstanding experience has allowed us to understand your needs, and we fine-tuned our products accordingly. With Agfa’s film you not only get top-quality technology, but the knowledge and experience of Agfa’s experts, to help you achieve the most from your equipment.

Lucky Huanguang Graphics

Huaguang Printing Plates, made in Henan Province, China, have become a very popular product with some of the highest production sales worldwide.

Exporting to more than 100 countries and regions, our analogue and CTP Huanguang plates have proven themselves time and time again and are supplied to some of the most prestigious, award-winning printers here in South Africa.


CTP for digital imaging of offset printing plates with UV-sensitive conventional plates. Combining productivity and quality when digitally imaging conventional offset printing plates? That is what we designed our BasysPrint computer-to-plate (CTP) UV-Setter for. But: it works with UV-sensitive conventional plates instead of digital CTP plates. You gain all the benefits of CTP and still use the conventional printing plates you know and trust.

The BasysPrint systems can expose any plate format without restriction: from small to large formats up to 1500 x 2100mm – depending on the model you choose. Our UV-Setter is configurable for almost all printing tasks.

Benefits of using basysPrint
  • Low consumables cost
  • Conventional printing plates universally available
  • Manufacturer-independent choice of conventional printing plates
  • Maximum productivity ultimate reproduction quality
  • Straightforward workflow integration
  • Works under daylight conditions and on a flatbed
  • Imaging of most UV materials


SCREEN has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Computer to Plate (CTP) systems for more than 12 years. There are more than 22,000 engines installed worldwide and this number is still growing.

Screen is able to provide CTP solutions for all press sizes and for all throughput requirements, and each machine is built with the same attention to detail that ensures our world-renowned reliability. Many existing customers have been using their CTP devices for more than 10 years and their machines are still performing as well today as the day they were installed.

PlateRite HD 8900 Series
In addition to substantially higher throughput, Screen’s flagship 8-up thermal platesetter incorporates enhancements in a number of areas, including a wider plate range and support for high quality 3D lenticular printing.
  • Capable of imaging 2-up to 8-up plates from 304 x 305 mm to 950 x 1165 mm
  • Three models available: PlateRite HD 8900N-E (36 plates per hour), PlateRite HD 8900N-S (48 plates per hour) and PlateRite HD 8900N-Z (70 plates per hour)
  • 9 percent reduction in power consumption per plate during operation
  • Power-saving standby mode that cuts power usage by 85 percent
  • Regular monitoring of production status from a remote location
  • Upgradeable to higher productivity with the replacement of a few key parts, even after installation

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PlateRite 8600 N II Series

As expected from Screen, the new PlateRite 8600NII series delivers superior imaging precision and reliable operation. Electricity consumption per plate has been further reduced, while meeting the varying throughput and changing quality demands of printing companies. 

  • Capable of imaging 2-up to 8-up plates from 304 x 370 mm to 1160 x 940 mm 
  • Three models available: entry-level PlateRite 8600NII-E (14 plates per hour), mid-range PlateRite 8600NII-S (24 plates per hour) and high-end PlateRite 8600NII-Z (32 plates per hour) 
  • Able to handle plate requirements of sheetfed and web offset presses 
  • Variable range of imaging resolutions 
  • Regular monitoring of production status from a remote location 
  • E and S models are field-upgradeable to a higher productivity with the replacement of a few key parts 
  • Available in a variety of scalable configurations ranging from manual to fully automated 

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PlateRite 8600 M II Series

The PlateRite 8600MII-ZA/SA is another high-quality thermal CTP recorder built with the renowned technology and expertise that have made Dainippon Screen the world’s number one CTP manufacturer.

  • Screen’s unique thermal external drum technology is combined with its highprecision optics to enable fast and high-quality plate output.
  • As there is no need for complex processing and intermediate steps, such as outputting layout data to film or exposing plates using film, the plate production process with CTP is much simpler than traditional platemaking.
  • CtP eliminates paste-up errors and foreign-matter contamination, contributing to increased efficiency in both the platemaking and printing process.
  • CtP output produces sharper halftone dots than traditional platemaking methods, and therefore dramatically improves printing quality.

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EgrafTech Plate Processors

Technological innovation has always been one of Egraf’s primary values, which has allowed it to manufacture a state-of-the-art processor for CTP thermal plates, as well as complete platemaking lines.

Its competence stems from a 40-year history offering a global service for the design and manufacture of high-quality and reliable plate processing equipment.

Heights Plate Processors

The TITANIUM 85, 125 and 165 are high-end, compact, high productivity Conventional and Thermal Plate Processors that have been designed and built to meet the requirements of even the most demanding pre-press environment.

TITANIUM uses the latest generation PLC control system which provides full flexibility of plate processing parameters via the full colour touch screen.

Access to all tanks and components for servicing/maintenance is simply via the easily removable side and hinged top covers.

TITANIUM can be configured to on-line or off-line use using the extensive range of optional platesetter interfaces or infeed and exit tables.


Flexcel NX

The Kodak FLEXCEL NX System is the original flat-top dot flexo digital plate making system that is transforming flexographic printing. Shelf impact, production efficiency and sustainability … the FLEXCEL NX System delivers it all, with unique imaging technology and innovative materials that enable unprecedented image quality, stability and predictability in prepress and the pressroom. Kodak’s portfolio of FLEXCEL NX System solutions is ideal for virtually every flexo application including flexibles, labels and corrugated.


  • Print smoother, higher-density solids without laying down more ink
  • Print with higher line screens
  • Print high-density white in a single pass
  • Reduce the number of colours per job without sacrificing print quality
  • Reduce press downtime and run presses faster
  • Reduce makeready waste and ink consumption