Why Tech Sleeves® products are stronger than bullet-proof vests.

Longevity is key when it comes to investing in value-added equipment. Tech Sleeves® products offer significant advantages thanks to the use of Dyneema®.

The inner layer of a sleeve is crucial to the entire sleeve’s structure as it is subjected to the most surface stress, so it needs to be sturdy and durable.
This is why Tech Sleeves® have opted to use Dyneema® microfibre composite in the construction of their bridges and sleeves. The Dyneema® layer is built into the inner core of all these products, forming the main inner layer and providing the crucial structure to the sleeve.

Dyneema® is a “composite unidirectional laminate that offers excellent energy absorption and enhanced protection, all in a lightweight solution”.  The fibre is so tough and durable that it is 15 times stronger than steel, making it 3 times stronger than Kevlar® – which is used to make bullet-proof vests.

Thanks to the use of Dyneema®, Tech Sleeves® products offer the following advantages:

  • Chemically Resistant
    • Sleeves and bridges can withstand acids, bleaches and solvents – which means a far longer lifespan for these items.
  • Durable
    • Dyneema® offers 1,7 times the impact absorption of carbon composites, increasing the product’s lifespan even further.
  • Lightweight
    • Dyneema® composite is extremely lightweight, which assists with the product’s flexibility and makes application and storage far easier.
  • Super Strong
    • Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than a piece of steel of the same weight. So Tech Sleeves® products are far less fragile than those of their competitors.
  • Good Grip
    • Dyneema® also aids in reducing possible slippage on the mandrel, and with less fraying, the sleeve will stay firmly secured to the mandrel even after long-term use.

These key features make Tech Sleeves® products extremely durable and a cost-effective choice for printers looking to maximise their return on investment from their sleeves and bridges. Whilst other sleeves may initially be cheaper to purchase, their lifespan will be much shorter and they will start slipping on the mandrel earlier. Tech Sleeves® products however, offer printers the ability to invest effectively in a sleeve that will have a far longer lifespan.

For more information on Tech Sleeves® sleeves and bridges, please contact Jason on our Cape Town office number.